Psychology department

The faculty was introduced in 1983. At present the faculty consists of four Assistant Professors. The academic condition in terms of quality of faculty and learning transfer process is healthy and adequate. All the teachers are NET qualified and have research works to their credit, and 2 have obtained their Ph.D. degrees.


Entry level competencies, socioeconomic status, language proficiency etc.

Students are admitted strictly on merit (80%) and interview (20%). Students largely come from urban area, and few are from rural background from low and middle income group. Students are mostly proficient in regional language. They also have workable knowledge of English but not satisfactory. The subject is preferred more by girls but a considerable number of boys are also pursuing the course for the last few years. 

The department has a seat allotment of 45 students per semester and the current number of students in each semester is as follows:  

Ist Semester : 40

IIIrd Semester : 38

Vth Semester : 31


The department has a number of annual activities, some of which are a part of the curriculum such as the departmental study tour, the formtion of the Departmental Parent-Teacher Association for each semester and the individual counseling sessions held at the beginning and end of each semester. 

Apart from these activities, the department has organised a number of training and seminars on different issues and topics. both for persons within and outside the department.

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