Class rooms:

There are 38 class rooms sufficient to conduct all the courses in one shift of the day.

Technology enabled learning spaces:

All classrooms are equipped with LCD/LED projectors. Electronic interactive boards are also available. There are six free wi-fi zones within the campus especially for the students, and each faculty rooms are wi-fi enabled. Wired internet is available in all buildings within the campus.

Internet Resource Centre:

The College have an Internet Resource Centre cum UGC Networking Centre sponsored by DST(FIST) and UGC. A student Internet Resource Centre was inaugurated in 2009. The Centre is open for the students on all working days. It provides access to the Internet and caters to the very need of the students in the field of information technology. The college also provides free wi-fi internet access to all academic and administrative building through MHRD National Connectivity programme. The College also has a functional Networking system with online students’ database system.

Language Laboratory:

Under the patronage of the Principal, Dr. Tawnenga, the department was able to complete and open the Language Laboratory. The Laboratory is equipped with 30 + 2 computers programmed with the latest technology in language- learning software. All faculty members underwent an Orientation and Training Programme on "System Administration Operation and Instructor's Module" on 28th August, 2014 and the laboratory is now fully functional and has become an indispensable aid to teaching.

Computer laboratory:

The college has one computer laboratory with 30.This Laboratory is used for training Students and for academic prgrammes.

GIS laboratory:

The college also has two Geographical Information System (GIS) laboratories to enable modern studies in the field.

Seminar halls:

The college currently has two fully equipped seminar halls with a seating capacity of 100 and 150. One Conference Room and a Teachers’ Common Room are also available.

Tutorial spaces:

The college provides special tutorial space which are conducted in class rooms, seminar halls and laboratories.


The college has well equipped laboratories in the following departments:

  1. Physics (2 nos.)
  2. Botany (2 nos.)
  3. Zoology (2 nos.)
  4. Chemistry (4 nos.)
  5. Biotech (1 nos.)
  6. Geology (1 nos.)
  7. Environmental Science (1 nos.)
  8. Mathematics (1 nos.)
  9. Psychology (1 nos.)
  10. Geography (2 nos.)
  11. English (Language Lab)

Botanical Garden:

The College is the only college in Mizoram to possess a botanical garden named PUC Zo huan. At present PUC Zo huan has 271 different species of plants and wild flowers many of which are indigenous to Mizoram and Northeast India.

The college also has a green house there are small flower gardens inside the campus in various places.

The 760 acres of land owned by the college is filled with trees; name plates are fixed on some of the trees displaying their common names and botanical names.


The College’s herbarium at the department of Botany has a wide collection of plant specimens.

Specialized facilities and equipment for teaching:

The college provides wi-fi for students and wired internet connections, classrooms and laboratories are equipped with interactive boards and LCD/LED projectors. The college also has a fully functional language lab.

Research space:

The college has a fully equipped Research and Instrumentation Centre. The campus itself serves as a field for botanical, geological and geographical research activities.

Zoological Museum:

The college have a zoological museum, the first of its kind in the State of Mizoram. This museum holds a collection of museum specimens required for classroom teaching and research activities. The museum also contains holo-type and new species described from Mizoram.

Extra –curricular activities:

sports, outdoor and indoor games, gymnasium, auditorium, NSS, NCC, cultural activities, Public speaking, communication skills development, yoga, health and hygiene etc.

Separate rooms are allocated for NSS, NCC, Red Ribbon Club, Evangelical Union and Students’ Union.

Sports: Indoor Infrastructure:

  1. The Auditorium in the college with a single badminton court.
  2. A multipurpose sports complex is also under construction which will house two badminton courts and a facility for various indoor sports items such as table tennis.
  3. Gymnasium

Outdoor Infrastructure:

  1. Playground: The college has a fully fledged playground with pavilions which can host outdoor sports items such as football, cricket, hockey, football etc.. The pavilion have a seating capacity of more than 3000 persons.
  2. Volleyball court (Outdoor) and
  3. Basketball court (Outdoor)


Many events are organized in the auditorium such as graduation dinner, cultural items, public speaking, special talks, skill development programs, seminars and conferences. There is also an open air stage/pavilion which can accommodate more than 1000 people.


The College provides transportation to the students, faculties and staff. A fleet of three buses provide transportation to and from the college at regular intervals. The routes includes College to Treasury square via Sikulpuikawn from the college and Treasury square via Republic veng to the college. The First Bus Start at 8:45 a.m. from the college and last bus at 4:15 p.m.

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