Student Awards


  1. Scholarship: Various scholarship schemes are available in the college. Government sponsored scholarships like Ishan Uday (UGC), BPL scholarship (UGC), tribal scholarship (Ministry of Tribal affairs), science merit scholarship (Govt. of Mizoram), Institute/private funded sponsorships including Sitaram Jindal foundation scholarship for rural meritorious students,  Sunflower Electronics fellowship for Mathematics and Physics, Zoram Educational Trust Fellowship for Physics.
  2. Merit Awards:  The college has special awards given to outstanding students. Two merit awards are sponsored by the Ex-Principals of the college: HK Bawichhuaka Proficiency Award for the highest mark scorer in Arts and Dr. H Lallungmuana Award for the highest mark scorer in Science. Beginning in 2015, the Koinonia Award is sponsored by Dr. H Lalthangliana to felicitate top rank holders in Sociology department. Many departments have introduced departmental awards to honour students with ranks in the University Examination.
  3. Others: The college also has a Student of the Year award. Mr. Vanlalhriatrenga Chhangte, Asst. Controller of Mines at Indian Bureau of Mines, has been sponsoring a sum of Rs. 12345/- for this award from 2013 onwards.

Student of the year 2015:

  • The college has a Students Aid fund. This fund is for students in need who apply for the fund. A maximum of Rs.5000.00 is given by the office in consultation with the Students Union leaders.
  • The college also has a scheme to help financially backward students through the “Earn while Learn” scheme.
  • Many departments have also sponsored the travelling expenses of some students with poor financial backgrounds, if and when they join higher studies. Some faculties have financially helped students with poor financial backgrounds during the admission process.

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