History & Brief Introduction:

Pachhunga University College started as a Private Night College in 1958 which is also the year of establishment of the library with Mr. Lalmakthanga as the Librarian. The first separate library building was set up in 1960 with a mere two cupboards of books which soon grew to be one of the best college library in the whole North-East Region. It was known for its collection which consists of rare books and a good reference section. Unfortunately in 1981 due to insurgency of the locals the library which was built up for more than twenty years with a collection of 25000 books was burnt down to ashes. The College Library then took its rebirth in 1984-85, since then the collection of books have been growing steadily along with its staff and building. Due to natural calamity and also with the need for extension, the library building was dismantled in 2010 and is rebuilt with a well planned architecture which is now occupied and is functioning in full swing since 12th July, 2013. The new library is now equipped with new furniture worth Rs. 46,08,140/- ( Rupees Forty Six Lakhs Eight Thousand One Hundred and Forty Only). It has become the centre of attraction for the students as well as teachers and it hopes to move forward in building a modern library which is well equipped, user friendly and resourceful such that researchers of different university can get maximum benefit from it.

The new library building was designed and planned based on the 11th Plan Fund allocation of Rs. 280 Lakhs. The works was awarded to NBCC Ltd. Govt. of India Enterprise under Ministry of Urban Development. The Administrative Approval and Expenditure Sanction of Rs. 2,69,77,900/- based on Delhi Plinth Rate (DPAR 2007) which was accorded on 18th June, 2009.


Advisory Committee of the Library:

The College has a fully functioning advisory committee with the Principal of the college as the Chairman. The advisory Committee members are as follows:

Chairman: Dr. Tawnenga

Vice Chairman: Dr. H.S.Thapa

Secretary: Dr. Lalthanmawii, Asst. Librarian

Committee Members:

  1. Susan Lalthanpuii
  2. Dr. Ragvendu Pathaki
  3. Emily F. Lalnunpuii
  4. Dr. Rajesh Kumar
  5. Dr. T. Sadashivam
  6. Salam Shanti Kr. Singh
  7. Kausalendra, A/R
  8. Jacinta Thuami
  9. Chawngthankima

Initiatives to Render the Library, Student Friendly:

  1. Open access to books.
  2. Departmental Library.
  3. UGC Career Guidance Library.
  4. Reprographic Services.
  5. OPAC (Open Public Access Catalogue)
  6. Newspaper Clippings.
  7. N-List, INFLIBNET.
  8. Automated Library Services.


Total area & facilities of the library:

  1. Ground Floor (Entry Level) : 390.35 sqm
    1. Circulation Section
    2. Reprographic Section
    3. Technical section
    4. Computer Room ( Data Entry Room)
    5. Science Section
    6. Faculty Reading Room
    7. 3 Client Computer for accessing OPAC
    8. Reading hall for Students
    9. Question Bank
  2. First Floor : 390.73 sqm
    1. Periodical Section
    2. Reference Section
    3. Art Section
    4. General Section
    5. Reading Hall
    6. Question Bank
    7. Magazine and News Paper Stand
  3. Basement Level : 155.52 sqm
    1. Bound Journals (Back Volumes)
    2. Weed out old books
    3. Toilet for Students


User Orientation is organized every year so as to give information literacy to students thereby enabling them to get maximum benefits from the different information sources available in the library. Wi-fi connectivity is also provided to the students within the library.

Bulletin Boards are made available outside the library to provide Current Awareness Services (CAS) to users by displaying newly acquired titles.

An annual budget is prepared to allocate the amount to be spent by the departments for purchase of books. Each department gives a list of books to be purchased by the library. The college also invites book dealers to organize book exhibitions on campus. The faculties are allowed to recommend the books that are exhibited for subsequent purchase by the college.

Other Features:

Library automation: Yes


Electronic Resource Management package for e-journals: N-List (INLIBNET)

Library Website: Library Information and Question Database is provided on College Website

In-house/remote access to e-publications: wi-fi internet and provision of hyper link to different free online journals

Total number of computers for public access: 03

Specialized Services Provided by the Library:

Reference: A Reference Section is provided

Reprography: The library has photocopier services

Information deployment and notification: Books as ‘New Arrivals’ and Journals As ‘ Newly Sunscribed’ are displayed in a library bulletin board

Reading list/Bibliography compilation: Provided to the faculty

In-house/remote access to e-publications: Provided via Wi-fi facility on the campus

Support Provided by the Library:

The library staff issue/receive books to/from students and staff through the circulation section. In case of any difficulty in finding the required Information, help is provided by the library staff. They also provide reprographic facilities. Orientation Program is conducted to the users to give information literacy. Recalls of books are done from time to time. Bay guides are provided for easy searching and fixed position is allocated for each book.

Special Facilities Offered by the Library to the Visually/Physically Challenged Persons:

Ramp is provided for easy movement of wheelchair to the different floors of the Library.

Feedback of Library from Users:

Feedback obtained through ‘Suggestion Box’ is analysed and necessary improvements are made in the services.

Working hours:

The library is made accessible on all working days including vacation from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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