Adventure Club

The college have a well structured adventure club. Adventure club organizes various expedition inside the State. Some activities of the adventure clubs are:


  1. On 24th march 2012, 19 Adventure Club members visited Sialsuk Tlang, Hmuifang Tlang and Cultural Centre at Falkawn.


  1. Two members were sent to receive Adventure Course Certificate organized by Department of Sports and Youth Services at different places.
  2. On 17th November 2012, Adventure Club members visited Tamdil, Rulchawm Cave, Chhura Fa Rep and Rullam Chief’s Tomb.
  3. From January 29th to 2nd February 2013, 5 members were sent to attend a search and rescue training organized by Department of Sports and Youth Services at Vaipuanpho.


  1. One Day Training on Sport Climbing was organized on 24th August at Govt. Sport Complex, Luangmual.
  2. Our Club participated in Inter-College Climbing Competition held by Inter-College Youth Adventure Club and ranked 3rd position in Women Category.
  3. On 2nd October 2013, the club organized One Day Training on Rappelling and Jummering at World Bank Road. 48 students were given introduction on Adventure Sport.
  4. The club enjoyed Winter Camp during 7th to 9th of November at vaipuanpho and Reiek. 42 boys and girls rappelled successfully on the cliff of Reiek. Caving on Khuangchera Puk was also considered a milestone in this very camp.
  5. 5 students were sent to Search and Rescue Training (Mountaineering Technique) organized (twice a year) by Directorate of Sport and Youth Services.
  6. H.Lianchungnunga was sent to trained at Judge & Route Setter Course organized by SYS, Govt. of Mizoram in collaboration with the IMF North East Zone Sport Climbing Committee on 3rd to 8th March 2014, and qualified for the judge.
  7. Caving at Pakaw Puk was held on 22nd March 2014, where 59 students explored one of the most difficult caves in Mizoram.
  8. 3 students were sent to explore the east side of Mizoram at Eastern Expedition organized by SYS, Govt. of Mizoram during 13th to 21st February, 2014.


  1. One Day Training:-
    1. 15th August, 2014: Rappelling and Jummering Technique training at World Bank Road. Members training: 77
    2. 23th August, 2014: Sports Climbing Training at Climbing Wall, Govt. Complex, Luangmual. Members training: 99
    3. 6th September, 2014: Training for Rappelling, Jummering, Rope Knots, C Pulley and Z Pully at college Campus. Members training: 57
    4. 25th October, 2014: Club Leaders Retreat at College Campus for better experience on Overhang Jummering to Rappelling, Commando Bridge, Traversing and Emergency Casualty Treatments. 
    5. 6th December, 2014: Trekking and Rappelling at Serlui. Members training: 7
    6. 28th February, 2015: Overhang rappelling training at Chite Bridge, World Bank Road. Members training: 28
  2. Inter College YAC had organized a Blood Donation for the adventure Clubs on 24th September, 2014 & 30th January, 2015. 19 members from our club had donated their bloods in these days.
  3. On 26th & 27th September, 2014, Kanaan Youth Rings had organized a Sport Climbing Competition (Lead Beat 2014) on the Climbing Wall, Luangmual, Govt. Complex. 5 men and 3 women from our club participated. Mary Lallianpuii (treasurer) had ranked the 4th Position among the women. She is also selected for the North-East Zone Climbing Competition at Guwahati and she got the Silver Medal on the Senior Women Lead Climbing.
  4. On 2nd October, 2014, Non-Violence Trekking at Serlui was held based on the Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday, which was organized by the Inter College YAC. 10 members from our club participated.
  5. Winter Camp was organized at Vaipuanpho Adventure Base Camp on 23rd -26th January, 2015. 25 man and 4 women went to this camp. Caving at Khuangchera Puk, Rappelling from the top of the Reiek which is almost 35 meters, traversing rope way and some other Rescue demos were trained at the Base Camp.
  6. During this session, 4 members of the Clubs were certified the Search and Rescue Training by Mountaineering Technique which were organized by the Sport and Youth Department, Govt. of Mizoram.Sport Department had organized Camping for 2 times at Vaipuanpho Adventure Base Camp. 16 members from our club participated. They trained different techniques like Rope Knot, Traversing, Rappelling, Jummering, Rafting, etc., under the guidance of expert Instructors from Adventure Wings, Sport Department.
  7. As for our main expedition, on 8 th to 13th June 2015, we arrange to have a Caving Expedition at Tuilutpui, Ngentiang which is found to be the longest cave in Mizoram. This programme will be joint organizes by our club and Lalhrima Bung YAC, Thingsulthliah. Also, Vanneihthanga Vanchhawng from LPS Special Report was invited and expected to create a Detail Reports on our Caving Expedition. 20 members of our club are expected to participate in this expedition.


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