Pachhunga University College Teachers Association (PUCTA)

Pachhunga University College Teachers Association (PUCTA) was established in 1979. As on 1st July 2020, PUCTA has 120 members, all faculty members of the College are member of the association. The main purpose of the association is to stand for the welfare of the members while developing good educational atmosphere in the campus. The Office Bearers with executive members for the term 2019-21 are:-

Office Bearers:

President: Dr. K. Lalchhandama. 9436198718

Vice President: Dr. Shivraj Gurung. 9862572955

General Secretary: Dr. Zoramdinthara. 9436151120

Jt. Secretary: Dr. T. Sadhashivam. 8732079147

Treasurer: Dr. Rinpari Ralte. 9436158367

Executive Members:

  1. Dr. Henry Lalmawizuala. 9436144129
  2. Dr. N. William Singh. 8415846223
  3. Dr. Lalhriatzuala. 8730926422
  4. Dr. Rohmingmawii. 8787781286
  5. Dr. Lalhriatpuia. 9862377256

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