Pachhunga University College Mizo Teachers’Welfare Committee (MTWC) was founded on 28th April, 1993 by a congregation of 23 teachers of PUC. The first elected office bearers are-
Chairman        :    Dr H. Lallungmuana
Vice Chairman :    Mr. SH Pautu
Secretary        :    Mr Lalchamliana
Asst. Secretary:    Mr H.S. Lalsangpuia
Treasurer        :    Ms Lalbiaksangi Chawngthu

Office bearers are elected after every two years by a General Body Meeting. No person is allowed to hold the same post consecutively for more than two terms. The General Body Meeting is convened by the office bearers on a need basis. However in the event that the General Body Meeting cannot be convened the decisions of the office bearers are binding.  
1.    To maintain solidarity among the teachers of Pachhunga University College.
2.    To committedly support each other in times of hardships and jubilation.
3.    To fulfilone’s duties as teachers.
Any Mizo teacher working in Pachhunga University College who abide by the rules laid down in the MTWC constitutionis a member in this Welfare Committee. At present, MTWC has 98 members.
Monthly contributions are made by every member in accordance with the rules laid out in the Constitution. It is safely deposited in a Bank and is maintained by the Chairman/Secretary and Treasurer on behalf of the Welfare Committee. Payment and receipt of fund are monitored through annual auditing. Funds are utilised carefully following the criteria given in the Constitution.
Keeping in mind the college motto ‘Learning and Service’ and valuing the aims and objectives of the Mizo Teachers’ Welfare Committee, MTWC members are striving to give their best for the college.
Present Office Bearers-
Chairman        :     Dr H. Lalthanzara
Vice Chairman :     Dr R. Ramthara
Secretary        :     Dr H. Lalruatsanga
Asst. Secretary:     Mr M.S. Dawngliana
Treasurer        :     Ms Lalhmingmawii

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