Education department

PUC Education was introduced in 1971. At present the faculty consists of one Associate Professor and four Assistant Professors. The academic condition in terms of quality of faculty and learning transfer process is healthy and adequate. One teacher has a PhD, with one M. Phil and the rest are NET qualified.

Brief History of the Department

The Department of Education was establish in 1971 with the founder faculty namely Dr. S Hom Chaudhuri, who had retaired in the year 2004. Later on two other teaching faculties namely Dr. S.N. Sharma and Mrs Malsawmthangi joined the Department in 1972 and 1977 respectively.  Again, after 1980’s Dr. R.P. Vadhera and Dr B.D. Chinara joined the Department from outside Mizoram state but later on transferred to the same Department of Post Graduate level in University, MZU and NEHU. In 1988, Dr.Lalthankungi (the present HOD) joined the Department as a permanent Lecturer. In the year 1999, Mrs. Susan Lalthanpuii joined the Department as permanent Lecturer. The other teaching faculty members such as Mrs Lalrintluangi, Mrs. Lalhruaitluangi, Dr Tapan Kumar Basantia and Mrs Lalchhuanmawii joined the Department after 2000 when the college came under Mizoram University.

In 2007, Dr. Tapan Kumar Basantia left the Department and joined Post Graduate Department of Assam University, Silchar.

One of the remarkable achievements of the Department is that for the first time the Department could have two University Rank holders namely Miss H.Lalfakawmi 1st Rank holder and Miss T.Lalruatfeli 6th Rank holder during 2011-2012 academic session.

Again, during 2012-2013 session of Annual System of MZU, the Department had a 2nd rank holder namely Miss K.Lalramengmawii  R/No-1001BAH064.

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