Environmental Science

Environmental Science department

The department is responsible for teaching compulsory Environmental Studies paper in all other disciplines from Science, Arts and Commerce students of semester IV. The primary aim of the department is to produce graduate in environmental science as well as to enhance better appreciation of nature and understanding of environmental issues and research. The academic condition in terms of quality of faculty and learning transfer process is healthy and developing gradually. The department was introduced in 2012 to be the pioneering study of Environmental Science in Mizoram. Presently, the department consists of 4 permanent faculties, 1 guest faculty and 2 laboratory staffs. All permanent faculties are NET qualified along with PhD degree. Teaching environment of this department consists of 1 classroom, 1 lecture hall and 1 laboratory. The departmental laboratory is developing slowly based on the curriculum enrichment and presentation using LCD projector is use for teaching and for student’s seminars. The faculty is regularly involved in setting questions, moderation, and evaluation of the university examinations. Apart from class room teaching faculty members have actively participated in professional conferences, symposium or seminars. They  have also been publishing research articles in reputed journals as well as edited books with their own credit. Four faculties are members of Board of Studies (BOS) and two are member of School Board in Mizoram University and involved in the process of Syllabus preparation since 2012 where the faculty played active roles. All faculty members are engaged in different management committees constituted by Authority. The department had organised the two days National Conference on Bioresource Inventory and Emerging Conservation Strategies with special reference to Northeast India (BICON2013) and a complied book “Bioresources and Traditional Knowledge of Northeast India” was released by the honourable Vice Chancellor of Mizoram University at the inaugural session of the National Conference on 7th March 2013. The department also organised eight days National Workshop on Statistical and Computing Methods for Life Science Data Analysis (9th - 16th February 2015) with collaboration and active initiation of Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.

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