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Globalization and liberalization of Indian economy with the integration of world markets have opened up horizons of prosperity and growth for business. The fast growth of changes has brought out the need to innovate new ways of establishing and managing business. To achieve these needs, Pachhunga University College (A constituent College of Mizoram University) offers full time Business Administration Studies (BBA) Programme in 2018.

Future Prospects of BBA Programme:

The primary objective of BBA programme is to provide quality education in management field as per national and international standards trough inculcation of creative thinking, innovative practices and kaleidoscopic approach of teaching. Focus will be on industrial institution linkages. The value of any BBA programme lies in the comparisons and contrasts it makes of the admission policies, approaches and future plans of the institution and its bearing on usefulness of all than a BBA degree stands for the corporate.


Our vision is to be earth’s most students-centric institutions; to build a place where students can come to find and discover anything they might want to learn.


  • To empower students in becoming leaders who can create innovative strategies and execute them in the Modern Market
  • To develop skills in successfully initiating, expanding and diversifying a business enterprise in new, upcoming areas.
  • To provide students with required tools for decision making and data analysis
  • To improve students’ managerial skills through the use of case studies.
  • To teach students the techniques and tools useful for financial analysis and control in today’s business climate
  • To impart students with the skills and knowledge required to ethically managed the business
  • To develop each student’s strategic thinking
  • To develop family business successors as enterprising and knowledgeable owners of the business of their family

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