The inaugural ceremony of PUC Finishing School was held on 16th May, 2019 at the college Seminar Hall. This Certificate course was inaugurated by Mr Lallungmuana, HoD, Sociology. PUC has been organising Finishing School every year since 2013 with the motto ‘Mind without Fear.’ Influential speakers from different walks of life are engaged this year to interact with the students. A series of lectures on language skills, communication skills, life skills, interview skills, entrepreneurship skills, family administration, government administration, financial management, human rights, manners and etiquettes, dress code, etc. will be conducted. Classes on Mizo Traditional values and history of Mizoram and India are included to inculcate in the young minds the glory of our culture. The course is not limited to indoor lectures alone. It offers arena to do things practically. The participants will be exposed to the art of cooking and self-defence. They will be given training on first aid, fitness and nutrition. For 16 days participants will immersed themselves in a rigorous yet blissful training which will benefit them for a lifetime.