Finishing School Valedictory Function was held at the PUC Seminar Hall on 14th June, 2017 at 12:00 pm, with the Principal, Dr. Tawnenga, and Mr Vanneihtluanga as the Special Guest. Dr. Rinpari Ralte was the Chairman at this function, and a Report on the School was given by Vanlalveni Pachuau. This was followed by the distribution of Certificates of Participation to the students by the Principal Dr. Tawnenga and Mr. Vanneihtluanga. The Principal was invited to deliver a speech in which he thanked the coordinators for their work, and the students for their active participation. He urged the students to make optimal utilization of the knowledge they have garnered from the School, and wished them success in all their future endeavours. Lallungmuana, speaking on behalf of the students, expressed his gratitude towards the Principal and the College for providing them with the opportunity for further learning in the Finishing School, and also vowed that the skills and knowledge gathered in the School will not go in vain.

In the Finishing School 2017, 32 graduating students from 9 departments (6 departments from Arts, 2 from Science and 1 from Commerce) participated. Classes were mostly held at the at the Seminar Hall, PUC, and also at Synod Hospital, Durtlang, SAI, Mission Vengthlang, Industrial Training Institute, ITI Veng, Aizawl Art Gallery, Upper Khatla, and the PUC Gym. The course included training on topics such as Interview Skills, Communication Skills, Mushroom Cultivation, Disaster Management, Manners and Etiquette/ Dress Code, Human Rights, Computer Application, Flower Arrangement, Role of NGOs for Preservation of Mizo Culture, Hygiene and Cleanliness, Financial Management, Driving Etiquette, First Aid, Cooking, Beauty Culture, Decision Making Skills, Self Awareness Building Skills, Empathy and Understanding Emotions, Stress and Anger Management, Environmental Awareness, Art Appreciation, Basic Course in Self Defense, History and Culture of India and Mizoram, Adolescent Psychology, and Fitness and Nutrition. Classes were conducted by eminent resource persons from within the state.