History :

The Department of Public Administration was started in the year 2005 with the initiative of Prof. A.K. Sharma, the Vice Chancellor of Mizoram University during the principalship of  Dr. H.Lallungmuana. It is one of the youngest and the latest among the departments and it became the 19th functional Department of Pachhunga University College.  First classes was started on 6th June, 2005  with I BA students.

The department was recognized by the University Grants Commission in 2010.

There were 2 teachers (Guest Lecturer) initially in the Department.


                      (i)         David _

                      (ii)        H.C.Lalchhuanawma 

The two teachers laid the foundation of Public Administration Deptt. in Pachhunga University College.  Few students were admitted in the initial years. There is an increasing strength of students in the coming years, and the department became one of the largest departments in terms of student's enrolment. 


I BA students with faculty - 2005

Faculty (L-R) : H.C. Lalchhuanawma, David _

The two pioneer teachers employed as a Guest Lecturer became permanent teacher on 30th August 2006.

Guest Lecturers: It was not possible for the two teachers to carry out the heavy load of the department; therefore, one or two Guest Lecturers was employed every year as additional teacher for a period of 6 months.


(i)               2006     Lallawmkimi 

(ii)              2007    (a) R.Lalrinchhani  (b) John C. Lallawmawma

(iii)             2008    (a) R. Lalrinchhani  (b) Lalropari Renthlei

(iv)             2009     (a) Lalropari Renthlei  (b) Malsawmi Pachuau

(v)              2010     (a)  Lalropari Renthlei  (b) Malsawmi Pachuau

(vi)             2011     (a) Lalropari Renthlei (b) Malsawmi Pachuau

(c) Lalchatuanthangi (d) K. Zorammuana

                                                                      Faculty - 2008                                   
           L-R : David _, Lalropari Renthlei, R.C. Lalrinchhani, H.C. Lalchhuanawma 

Recruitment to two new teacher's post - one unreserved and another SC was held in the month of December, 2011. The two newly recruited teachers are -

(i)    Lalropari Renthlei

                           (ii)    T.Sadashivam (SC)