VILLAGE ADOPTION- Lungleng (2016-18)

The college adopted lungleng village from 2016 onwards. The Inaugural function of the lungleng village adoption was organized on 5th February 2016. The village adoption was inaugurated by Mr. R _ Minister Higher & Technical Education Government of Mizoram.



As per the resolution of the second meeting (29/10/15), the Village Adoption Committee (2015-2016) of Pachhunga University College formed a group and appointed conveners for each group as follows:

Group combination and Convener
Mizo+English+HistorynConvener: Shri. H. Laldinmawia
Spoken English to High School Students, Popularisation of Historical monuments and events etc

Sociology+Commerce+Economics Convener: Shri. Lalthlamuana Ralte
 Moral development and basic health education, Career awareness and counselling to High School Students

Political Science + Public Administration Convener: Shri Lalchamliana
FREE CLINIC, health and sanitation, social works (environmental cleanliness)

Mathematics+Physics+Statistics Convener: Shri Lalpawimawha
Baseline (collection of village information/data) study; Free coaching on Mathematics and IT etc

Botany+Zoology+Biotechnology+ Chemistry+Env. Sciences Convener: Dr. Lallawmkimi
  Floral & Faunal studies, cropping system (Introduction to mulching system, mushroom cultivation, small scale food processing), Water and Forest Conservation (setting up of community reserved forest and tree plantation), Water analysis and planning of dumping ground etc

Psychology+Philosophy Convener: Dr. Rinpari Ralte
  Life Skill Development

Geology+Geography Convener: Dr. Saitluanga
  Disaster management

Education Convener: Dr. Lalthankungi
 Educational system

NSS -Convener: Dr.Zoramdinthara
   Infrastructure development, Sanitation etc.

Awareness campaign conducted at Inaugural function of the village adoption as follows:

    Environment (Water and Forest Conservation): Resource person: Dr. H. Lalruatsanga

    Health and Sanitation: Resource person: Dr. Zoramdinthara

    The college will organised village Student/Public exposure to the city as per convenient

    Cash Award (Rs. 3000/-) will be given to the toppers (HSLC, HSSLC, UG, PG) from the village; however the topper should achieve not lower than first division.


VILLAGE ADOPTION -Phulpui Village (2012-15)

Following the faculties discussion, IT& Project Committee, PUC, sitting on 15th May 2012, selected PHULPUI village as ‘PUC Adopted Village’ for the year 2012 -2013.  ‘Village Adoption Project Committee (VAPC)’ is therefore constituted as follows:

Chairman                   : Dr. Tawnenga Principal

Working Chairman  : Dr. J.V. Hluna Head Department of History

Secretary                    : Dr. Lalramliana Department of Zoology


  1. Smt. Lalbiaksangi Chongthu, Head, Department of English.
  2. Shri Lallungmuana Head, Department of Sociology.
  3. Dr. H. L. Lawmzuala, Department of Geography.
  4. Shri Lalchamliana, Head, Department of Political Science.
  5. Dr. Lalzama, Department of Mizo.
  6. Dr. Lalthankungi Head, Department of Education.
  7. Smt. Lalsangkimi Sailo, Head, Department of Philosophy.
  8. Shri .L. Thangmawia, Head, Department of Mathematics.
  9. Shri. Thanhmingliana Department of Chemistry.
  10. Dr. H. Lalruatsanga, Department of Botany.
  11. Shri. Lalthlamuana Ralte, Department of Economics.
  12. Shri David _ Head, Department of P.A.
  13. Dr. Saichampuii Sailo, Department of Psychology.
  14. Dr. H. Lawmkima, Department of Geology.
  15. Shri Lalhunthara, Department of Commerce.
  16. Shri Lalrinthara, Department of Physics.


Village Adoption Project Committee (VAPC) formed a group comprising of 2 to 3 departments. VAPC proposed working routine appointing 1 convener for each group as follows:


Group and Convener


Work Period


Convener: Dr. Lalzama

Historical events & Literature etc

June-July 2012


Convener: Dr. Lalthankungi

School education system

June-July 2012


Convener: Smt. Lalsangkimi

Social & family structures, Career awareness etc

August-Sept. 2012

Economics + Commerce

Convener: Shri Lalthlamuana Ralte

Economic status etc

August-Sept. 2012


Convener: Shri L. Thangmawia

Science & IT campaign etc

August-Sept. 2012


Convener: Dr. H. Lalruatsanga

Floral & Faunal studies, cropping system etc

Oct.-Nov. 2012

Chemistry+Env. Sciences

Convener: Shri Thanhmingliana

Soil and Water analysis, etc

Oct.-Nov. 2012


Convener: Dr. Lalthankungi

Infrastructure development, Sanitation etc

Dec. 2012- Jan 2013


Convener: Dr. H. L. Lawmzuala

Topographical studies, disaster management etc

Dec 2012- Jan 2013

Pol Science+P.A.

Convener: Shri Lalchamliana

Village administration

Dec 2012- Jan 2013

A healthy relationship is established between the Village and the College and each group successfully completed their work as per scheduled. The outcome of the work and service rendered to the Phulpui village will be published in a book form, where, Dr Lalmalsawma and Mr. Lalthlamuana Ralte were appointed for compilation.

Future Prospect: Since the work is confining to the preliminary investigation of the village concentrating mainly on documentation, Phulpui village, therefore, is again selected as ‘PUC Adopted Village’ for the year 2013 -2014 aiming to emphasize more on service to the village.

Book Publication : The college publish a book called "An insight to Phulpui" in 2015. The book is made availabe at the college library.

Image: First Visit to Phulpui Village, VAPC Working Chairman Dr J.V. Hluna addressing to the village leaders.

Image: Visit to the village peak

Image: Village monument significant ot Mizo History (Zawlpala and Tualvungi Thlan )

Image: Phulpui Village leaders visit PU College (Meeting with Principal)

Image: Phulpui Village leaders visit PU College

Image: Phulpui Village leaders visit PU College Zoological Museum