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The faculty was introduced in 1982 to be the pioneering study of Geology in Mizoram. At present, the faculty consists of six (6) Assistant Professors and one (1) Guest Faculty. All the teachers are CSIR-NET qualified and five of them obtained Ph. D, one faculty also pursuing Ph. D. The academic condition in terms of quality of faculty and learning transfer process is healthy and adequate. The research interests of the faculty members cover broad range of Geology: Paleontology, Petrology, Geohazards- Earthquake & Landslide, Economic Geology, Structural Geology, Geochemistry, GIS, Sedimentology and Petroleum Geology.

Name of the Teacher Designation QualificationResearch
Teaching Experience 
 Dr. Saitluanga Asst. Prof., Head
  M. Sc.,
Ph. D
 5 yrs 10 yrs
 Dr. H. Lawmkima Asst. Prof.  M. Sc., Ph. D 5 yrs 8 yrs
 Dr. Rahul Verma  
(In lien: S. Africa)  
 Asst. Prof. M. Sc., Ph. D 6 yrs 9 yrs
 Mr. Bubul Bharali    
 Asst. Prof.    M. Sc. - 4 yrs
 Dr. V. Vanthangliana Asst. Prof. M. Sc., Ph. D 4 yrs 9 yrs
 Dr. Laldinpuia
 Asst. Prof.
(IQAC i/c)
 M. Sc., Ph. D2 yrs 5 yrs
 Guest Faculty
 M. Sc.

Department Profile:

  • Students are admitted strictly on merit (90%) and interview (10%). Students come from both urban and rural backgrounds from low and middle income group. The subject is preferred equally by both the genders and the number of girls is increasing steadily for the last few years. 
  • There are two Lab. Attendants'- T. Thanglianchhunga and K. Lalnunzira.
  • All faculty members have participated in professional conferences, symposium and seminars.Teaching environment consists of 2 Lecture Halls, 1 laboratory room and 1 museum room. The laboratory is sufficiently equipped for the curriculum. Presentation using LCD projectors are use for teaching and for student’s seminars.
  • All the faculty members have attended UGC Orientation/ Refresher Courses during the past 3 years.
  • The faculty members are  regularly involved in setting questions, moderation, and evaluation of the University Examination.
  • Faculty members have research collaborations with Punjab University, , IIT Bombay, Assam University, Dibrugarh University, NEHU and ISM Dhanbad to obtain and pursuing Ph. D degrees and publish research papers presentations.
  • Syllabus was revised in 2014 in which the faculty played active roles.
  • Students are selected for admission on the basis of their Higher Secondary result, with particular emphasis on their Biology and Chemistry performances. Generally the academic record ranges from second class to distinction. Majority is brought up in English medium schools and has no problem in English. So far there is no problem in communications.
  • During the past 2 years, the average pass percentage is 100%. The dropout rate is 5% only.
  • Students’ field trips, regular assignment, remedial class, seminar and project works are practiced.

*Subject Combination:- GEOLOGY+ Option-1 Chemistry & Zoology; Option-2 Physics & Mathematics 

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