PUCTA stands for Pachhunga University College Teacher's Association established in 1979. All faculties of the College are its members. Its objective is to stand for the welfare of the members for developing good educational atmosphere in the campus.
 The Office bearers with executive members for 2013-15 are:-
Post    Name    Contact
President    Prof JV Hluna    9436154877  
Vice President    Dr HS Thapa    2327633/9436153326
General Secretary    Dr. K. Lalchhandama    9436198718
Asst. Secretary    Dr Rahul Verma    2301413/9436351592
Treasurer    Lalthanzuali Hauhnar    8794742791
Executive members    Dr. R.K.P.G. Singh    9436154023
Lallungmuana    2322457/9436154877
 Henry Lalmawizuala    9436144129

MTWC stands for Mizo Teacher's Welfare Committee of Pachhunga University College established on 28th April, 1993. All faculty members of Mizo Community working in the College including visiting fellows for the period of their stay in the College are eligible for the member.
a) Promotion of understanding amongst faculty members of the Pachhunga University College.
b) To help each other in times of good and bad weather.
c) To fulfill duties and responsibilities as teachers with dedication.

President: Dr. Lalzama

Vice President: Dr. K Laldialova

Secretary: Dr. H Lalruatsanga

Asst. Secretar: Dr. H Lal_

Treasurer:Lalropari Renthlei


Non Teaching Staff Association

The College have a rich tradition of forming a community among its emplyoees. The Non-Teaching Staff Association (NTSA) is an organisation as old as the institution atself aimed to look after the staff welfare. The current office bearers are: 


Name & Contact


H Biakmawia

Vice President




A. Secretary

R Vanlalhriata



Finance secy.

C Lalramhluna